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Q.  Why is the Circle of 5ths so important?

A.     Everything in music is based around this concept, including scales, chords, harmony and                  modes.  It is by far the most important lesson in  music!   One can only go so far without this          knowledge. 

What chords are taught in this method?

A.      Major, Minor, Dominant 7ths, Augmented and Diminished, plus Major and Minor 6ths,                         Augmented 7ths, and more.  Each chord will be taught in all inversions.

Q.   What are some of the other benefits of this course?

A.      Your music reading skills will greatly improve and your understanding of chord progressions             will get better and better!

Q.   Does this course address rhythm and meter?

A.      Yes, as a bonus, in Part 2.  However, this section is best taught, in person, by your music                   instructor. 

Q.  Wll this course enhance or interfere with my private                 studies?

A.      It can only enhance. Your teacher will love you!


Q.  How long will it take to learn this?

A.      It all depends on how much time you put into it. If you work on Part 1 for 1 hour per day, you             can probably finish in 2 or 3 weeks!  Part 2 could take a while longer, depending on your                   playing ability.


Q.   Are you available for online help, if I need it?

A.      Yes, I am extremely busy but I always try to get back to you within 72 hours.  Email your                   question to me at

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