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What Your Music Teacher Should Have Taught You!

Attention all musicians, vocalists, and music students!

How many of you really understand the musical language?  Do you know why the key of E has four sharps?  Do you know and understand the “Circle of 5ths?”  Do you know what key you sing a certain song in?  Do you understand Relative Minor scales?  If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you need to take my unique 10-lesson video/pdf course, “What Your Music Teacher Should Have Taught You!”

In this course you will be taught the basics of Music.  Even if you don’t know the slightest thing about reading music, you will soon know how to locate the notes on your instrument and the staves, and how to build scales and basic chords! 

This has a gradual learning curve with just a moderate amount of study.  I do my best to make it a fun and rewarding experience!

It doesn’t matter what instrument you play or what kind of music you like.  Music is music!  These principles apply to any instrument.  You will need a small keyboard for study, however. (Music theory, realistically, can only be taught on a keyboard.)  If you don’t have a piano, you can find an inexpensive keyboard online.  Find one with at least 61 keys.  All you need are basic piano sounds.

This is not only a great way to learn the basic principles of music, it also makes a great primer course for those wishing to go on and study the piano or other instruments.  Your teachers will love you!

Unlike other music courses, this is fun!  In addition to the videos, I include work sheets (as pdf files) to be printed and completed.  You will actually write out the notes and scales, so you retain them better! 

This 10-lesson method is only $99 (less than $10 per lesson).  As a bonus, I have also included original exercises (at no extra cost) in Part 2, that will teach you how to play in every key; a $100 value! 

You may have more questions.  Please check out my FAQS page.  


To read some testimonials from some well-known national musical aritsts, please click here.

Thank you,


Corky Brumble

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